About me

I’m Jane, otherwise known as JaneGuitarQueen. I have one of my students to thank for my name. He wrote a song about me. Thanks, Glen! Anyway, my name might be JaneGuitarQueen, but I love to play pretty much anything with strings and frets. On the odd occasion, I even go fretless, but only on the bass.

I’ve been a private instrumental teacher since the early 2000’s and have helped countless students achieve their goals, whether it be learning to strum and sing or take exams in classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. I can now enter students for ukulele exams if they want as well!

I teach students from the age of 6. There is no upper age limit. My oldest student was 82 and played the banjo. Much better than he thought. You are sorely missed, Lawrence!

My philosophy is anyone can learn to play an instrument. I teach at your pace, with lessons tailored to your individual needs. Some people learn fast, others learn slowly. If you are enjoying your lessons and progressing I am happy, but I can also give you a kick up the backside if you need one! It all depends on your goals.

In the last few years, I have moved into teaching via Skype/FaceTime as well as in my teaching studio. This happened when I moved from Oldham, Greater Manchester to Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway. As Scotland is a bit far for my students to travel for their lessons I offered them the Skype/FaceTime option if they wanted to continue. Luckily a lot of them did it has been a roaring success. I have helped students pass their grade 6 ABRSM classical guitar exams and grade 8 Rockschool electric guitar exams all via Skype/FaceTime. I have also taught students from the USA, Holland and the UAE. I even give advice to teachers on how to set up a successful teaching business.

I am a big advocate of using technology to help students learn. I have student area of my website that includes practice logs, extra lessons, backing tracks and TAB/music etc. to help students when they are practicing. It’s a bit like having me with you when you play your instrument! This service is available for as long as you continue your lessons and is a great way to see how you have progressed through your learning journey.

I am currently playing guitar in the band Tiderays and local covers band Josephine and The Shades. I also play ukulele bass with the fantastic A Touch of Purple!

Why not check out my individual pages for each instrument to see what I teach? Check the links in the main menu.

I’ve talked a little about me, now let’s have a look at my gear…

Recording equipment

I find recording students is a great way to record their progress and also help students appraise their own playing. Using my MacBook Pro and Apogee Duet soundcard, I have the facility to record all my instruments and vocals as well as add drum tracks to make the process more interesting. Knowing that their efforts will be recorded often motivates students to practice and the resulting CD’s make great gifts! This is for my studio lessons only. I also use my recording equipment to create videos for my YouTube channel.

My instruments

Electric guitars/amps:

2007 Fender American HSS Strat

Fender Am Strat HSS 2007

Just love it – had to order it especially because of its colour! (Sienna Sunburst).

2016 Gibson Les Paul

Gibson LP Standard 2016

A cheeky Christmas present. You should never go to a guitar shop with any money or a credit card! Midnight is her name.

Kala Rumbler U-Bass


Handy for practices when I’ve done my back in. A great little bass that sounds amazingly deep.

Fender Rumble 500

Big, loud and (not quite as) light as a feather. Class D combo with great tone features. My gigging amp.

Classical guitars:

1995 Sanchez 1035

Sanchez 1035

A beautifully crafted instrument – my workhorse. It’s full of bumps and bruises but sounds amazing.

Acoustic guitars/amps:

Aria AP-CSTAVS Parlour


This is a fantastic guitar. Small and perfectly formed! However, I do have gas for a bigger one now too! Does anyone want to buy me a Martin?

Marshall AS100D

Big and loud and unfortunately heavy. My parlour and ukulele do sound fantastic through it though. I can even (ahem…) plug in a mic and sing if I wish. Thank the ethos for reverb!


Deering Midnight Special

Deering Midnight Special

I love my banjo! It is a 5 string model. Deering make great banjos for a decent price.



My beautiful tenor ukulele. Solid spruce top with a scalloped cutaway. Loaded with a K&K Aloha twin pickup.



Ozark 2355

Ozark 2355CS

F-style – a pretty little mandolin with an unusual sunburst. Great for when I’m in a bluegrass mood!

What am I gassing for?

The problem with being a musician is that there is always something new to obsess over. It’s terrible I know, but there aren’t any guitar/bass players out there that don’t feel it from time to time. I only have a couple of things on my ultimate wish list at the moment. They just happen to cost the price of a mid-ranged car. Oops!