ABRSM classical guitar grade 1 information and videos 2009

ABRSM classical guitar grade 1 is designed to build good musical and technical foundations for higher grades. Candidates are allowed to play up to two duet pieces at this grade accompanied by another guitar. Three pieces should be chosen overall and there should be one piece chosen from each of the three lists: A, B and C.


Fingers only/tirando or apoyando

G major
G major scale ABRSM grade 1

F major
F major scale ABRSM grade 1

Thumb only/tirando

A minor harmonic
A minor harmonic scale ABRSM grade 1

E minor harmonic
E minor harmonic scale ABRSM grade 1



G major
G major arpeggio ABRSM grade 1

E minor
E minor arpeggios ABRSM grade 1

Always remember to practice your scales! This is the section that most people leave until the last minute. I will admit that playing the pieces is a lot more fun but the scales are important. Use them as a warm up. Try and play them from memory as soon as you can and play them SLOWLY! Accuracy is the most important thing.


Below is a selection of pieces from each list. Remember that you have to play a piece from each list if you are doing the exam.

List A

Ductia by Anon.

Brandle d’Ecosse by Arbeau

Gavotte (from Atalanta) by Handel

Douce dame jolie by Machaut 

Entree arr. L. Mozart

V’la l’bon vent by Trad.

Les Boffins by Trad. French

List B

Leccion by Aguado

Valse (from Op. 52 No. 1) by Sor

Poor Wayfaring Stranger by Trad.

Waltz in G by Carulli

Lecon in C, Op. 60 No. 1 by Sor

List C

The Dangers of Poking Holes in Ice

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