ABRSM classical guitar grade 2 information and videos 2009

The ABRSM classical guitar grade 2 syllabus is designed to strengthen and add to the musical and technical foundations of grade 1. Candidates at this grade can again play up to two duets along with another guitarist, playing three pieces all together with one from each of the lists A, B and C.


Fingers only / tirando or apoyando

D major

D major scale

A minor melodic

A minor melodic scale

D minor harmonic

D minor harmonic scale

Thumb only / tirando

C major

C major scale

Chromatic scale

Thumb only / tirando

Starting on A

Chromatic scale starting on A



C major

C major arpeggio

D major

D major arpeggio

A minor

A minor arpeggio

D minor

D minor arpeggio

The scales

The arpeggios

Always remember to practice your scales. It should be a habit in every practice. Play them slowly and think carefully about how the notes sound. Try and make them sound as beautiful as possible!

Here are a selection of pieces from the grade 2 syllabus.

List A

Pavane by Arbeau

List B

The Sixpence by Trad. Irish

Ecossaise in A minor by Giuliani

Here, There and Everywhere by Lennin & McCartney

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