New students get your 6th lesson free

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After a free initial consultation, all new students can get their 6th lesson free!^

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^Terms and conditions

All 5 lessons can either be paid for in advance or on a week to week basis. If you are paying weekly, the first 5 lessons must be paid for each week either before the start of the lesson via PayPal for Skype or FaceTime lessons, or in the lesson at my studio. These lessons will be at the normal rate. Any lessons missed during the first 5 weeks are non-refundable if paid for in advance. Missing more than 2 lessons invalidates the deal and the 6th lesson will be charged at the normal rate. Payment for the next 4 lessons must be made in full on the 6th lesson to qualify for the deal or the 6th lesson will be charged at the normal rate and the deal will be invalidated. All future lessons must be paid for 4 weeks in advance. No refunds are available.