Preparing the pieces for your Rockschool exam

In this online YouTube video I talk generally about how you should go about preparing the pieces for your guitar or bass Rockschool exam. In order to do all the things I suggest you will need a few tools. These are:

  • a metronome
  • something to slow down your tracks on the CD or mp3 – I use a program called Amazing Slow Downer but you can slow tracks down using Windows Media Player. It doesn’t have the same functionality but will help.
  • a way of recording yourself. Garageband, Windows sound rcorder or your phone.

Obviously everyone has different styles of practice but if you remember not to rush to learn the pieces and give yourself plenty of time you should do fine.

I am available to provide lessons via Skype or FaceTime for anyone who would like help with their Rockschool exam preperation. I can also provide face-to-face lessons for anyone who is lucky to live in or near Castle Douglas, SW Scotland.

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