Recommend a friend for 25% discount

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Recommend a friend for studioSkype or FaceTime lessons and you both get a 25% discount for 2 months!***

That’s a massive saving of £20 off the normal price of 8 lessons giving you 8 lessons for the price of 6!

What’s more, if you pay for your 8 lessons in advance get an extra £5 discount!

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***Terms and conditions

If you are a new student paying weekly, the first 6 lessons must be paid for each week either before the start of the lesson via PayPal for Skype or FaceTime lessons, or in the lesson at my studio. These lessons will be at the normal rate. The final 2 lessons will be free.

Both students must continue with lessons for the 8 weeks to qualify for the deal. Lessons must be taken weekly after the 1st lesson of the deal. If one student does not wish to continue for the full 8 weeks the deal will not apply for the remaining student. All future lessons will be charged at the normal rate. If the remaining student has paid in advance they will only receive 6 lessons for the £55 paid which is an 8% discount on the normal price of 6 lessons. If all 6 lessons have been taken, any further lessons will be charged at the normal rate. No refunds are given.

The deal only applies once the recommended student has taken their 1st lesson. If both students are new, the deal applies after the 2nd student has taken their 1st lesson. All lessons before are charged at the normal rate.

Recommended students must be new customers only. This deal cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal. Please contact me for further information and include the full name, email address and contact number for the recommended student.

The deal does not apply in the following situations:

  • The quality of the connection for Skype or FaceTime students is not suitable for teaching (for example, very grainy/pixelated picture and/or bad sound quality) for one of the students.
  • A pay weekly students misses 2 lessons during the 8 weeks of the deal.

If you have any further questions about this or any of my other deals please feel free to contact me.