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The private student area is where students get access to all their online content. Once you sign up for weekly lessons you get a username and password and can log in to access all your content. Your content grows as you progress with your learning, and detailed information about what to practice each week is provided after every lesson and is usually available to view the day after your online lesson.

The student area is very easy to use.

Each user has a dashboard. It shows their most recent lessons:

Student area dashboard

You can also access your content via the main menu:

Student area guitar menu

The menu is organised by instruments so you know exactly where to go.

Here is an example of a lesson:

Student area lesson example

Lessons are graded and made available to students as they progress with their playing.

The practice log provides all the information students need each week:

Student area practice log

Practice logs are bespoke to each student and provide extra material on top of the general lessons.

If a lesson has any files to download, they are listed at the bottom of the lesson:

Student area downloads

You can also leave comments and I will respond:

Student area comment box